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So Long Bobby Boy...

Bob the builder, CAN HE FIX IT?!

Such a silly song to have stuck in my head.. but here it is none the less. I've actually been sitting on this post/thoughts for awhile. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to put my thoughts down on paper...well, theoretical paper that is. I think I got pulled into all the drama of 2020 & has seemed to be carry into its 21st birth year.

Anyways, I originally took these photos while building a, rather heavy, cabinet. I was so proud of the fact that I had put it together myself...I fully realize IKEA isn't rocket science, but there's something extremely satisfying about building something by yourself. I'm not normally one to be like "WHO NEEDS A MAN?!" but this was one of those moments. Honestly as a somewhat petite girl I was more shocked I was able to pick the thing up! All that being said I'm still the hopeless romantic that will always want a partner in crime to do silly things like this with, but I wanted to capture this moment and remember that if you believe in yourself then you can do it... not as a the cheesy notion read on postcards or seen on Pinterest boards, but a real moment of if you decide to do it then you can.

As I get older I've realized how much I hate the preconceived notions others have of me & even more I hate when I agree with those notions. For all the "you can't do it" moments, for all the "you're like this" comments, it felt good to take this little victory & proudly stick my middle finger up in the air. I know what you're thinking & yes building a cabinet really did spark this whole, winded string of thoughts.

So as I start the new year I'm going to try to take this middle finger waving feeling with me and keep pushing myself. I don't like settling... I doubt anyone does... but I guess I don't want to feel like I ever have to again. I want to keep growing and make things better and prettier than they were before. I want to make memories I can look back on & smile or laugh at myself over. I hope you enjoy watching them too as I'm sure I'll document them for you.




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