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Where is Your Shame?

Let me start this off with the fact that I don't want to 'shame' anyone, but it's come to my attention that some people are so unaware of their actions or care so little about the impact of their actions that I have to ask the question, 'Where is your shame?'

Is it too much pride? Is it not wanting to feel that you're the one being rejected? I know these aren't great feelings but when you look in the mirror do you not like what you see to the degree that you have to receive validation from someone who pushed you away?

I don't normally share my thoughts on things like this but after hearing so many stories of bad dates, having my own interesting interactions, or just listening to friends share their experiences I really wonder about the people that don't show signs of remorse or shame after doing something that is largely agreed upon to be 'cringe worthy.' What's worse are the people that are told that they're crossing + they keep crossing it! Here you have someone that got direct confirmation that their action was not wanted yet it only seemed to fuel their need for validation or an acknowledgment from you... You could be over, ended your relationship (+ I'm not only talking about romantic ones), have blocked them + they still come back to prove to themselves that they were the one of worth + to show you how lucky you were to have them.

I'm not here trying to bash people that have little slip ups in moments of emotional stress, I'm talking about the ones that give you the creeps... the ones that leave you feeling icky... or simply the ones that make you question where your judgement was so off when it came to them.

I wish I was a lone in these thoughts but I have talked to both men and women who have experienced similar things that make me wonder is it a product of social media or online dating? To clarify we live in a world where you always see the next best thing or images that give your straight up FOMO. But the older I get the more certain I am in myself + the things that I want in my life... is this a rarity? Or are they ones with no 'shame' never going to get there? I hope they do + that they just need to do a bit of growing up.

If anyone wonders if this is them it probably isn't... but it never hurts to apologize for the actions that made you question if I was talking about you. 95% of the time I feel like the other person will appreciate the apology + 100% of the time I believe you'll feel better for being a little bit of a bigger person which will make looking in the mirror that much better the next time you're getting ready for your day.




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