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This Isn’t a RomCom

Life isn’t as easy as a RomCom; though I really wish it were... so I’m writing this to remind us to not let small people hold you back or not reach forward. It’s amazing to me how many people, myself included, make excuses or don’t hold others to the standard they hold themselves to. Why do we make less of their misdeeds than our own?

It’s ok to be compassionate. It’s ok to have empathy. But what is not ‘ok’ is to let people continuously hurt you and hold you back. Wait just, wait… I could feel your eye roll but I’m serious! Of course this is all easier said than done. And of course we’re hoping to be the exception, not the rule (name that movie 🤗) and that we’ll come out the other end stronger and victorious. But ladies and gents we need to start assuming that we are always ‘the rule.’ If we are the exception then they can work their ass off proving that to us.

So make your ick-lists, remember what you want/deserve & don’t make excuses for other people. You are not the secondary character in your own life & don’t let anyone make you forget that.

We’re about to go into the new year where it seems like everyone has their own way of reflecting & making plans to better themselves. Do that. Take that time & make sure it’s not just on physical aspects of yourself. Make resolutions that improve your value of self. I know that’s what I’m going to do…




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