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I know about 90% of the women out there know exactly what movie I'm referencing.. but seriously Noah Calhoun asked the right question.

I've found myself asking "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" almost on a weekly basis the last month or so & I'm sure I'm not alone. Whether it's in personal life or business I've stopped to ask myself if this is actually lining up with where I want to go & the person I want to be. I could be way off the mark but I feel that women sometimes are either scared to ask for what they want because the alternative is to have what they're asking for get completely taken off the table; but by not ask am I now taking it off the table?

I get that this might just be a bunch of word vomit to you, you're welcome, but isn't it an important question to ask? I wouldn't say or ask for the things that I wanted more times than I can count & it's not like being a good person will magically make the universe send out what I was asking for. Now, I'm not saying to be a bad person, but if you work hard & do good then I'd like to think you'll end up getting what you're asking for because you do deserve it. Or if you do get the alternative, a boyfriend blowing up, a boss saying no, no puppy for Christmas... then isn't it better to know now?! Because it is then off the table.

Maybe this doesn't make sense to anyone else but I'm no longer interested in the game of protecting myself so that I don't get hurt by asking what I want, I will obviously use this within reason, but in the end not asking is just prolonging & making it more painful, no?

So ladies & gents I wanted to ask you, "What do you want?" Now try to go & get it! You might hear "no," but you might hear "yes!"


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