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Why Silver & Grae

People have asked me why I chose this name for my blog, IG handle, Pinterest, etc. for awhile now so I'm going to take a moment to explain:

  • I used to only wear silver jewelry because I thought I couldn't pull anything else off. Then my angel of friend Lea proved me wrong so you will see me wearing gold & silver.

  • After that the "silver" became a joke about how I died my hair so much I was making myself go prematurely grey.. which I then corrected to a "silver fox" - this is not just a turn for the fellas.

  • Lastly, my nickname is Grae. For those of you who don't know me my name is actually Gracie, not Grace, but Gracie. To be honest Gracie always felt too girly/cute for me, but my mom loved the comedian Gracie Allen so here I am. Growing up I gave myself the nickname Grae as it was my name just 2 letters less & felt more fitting.

So there you have it - Silver & Grae explained.

xx Grae


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